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Hawaii Burlesque Festival

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The Hawaii Burlesque Festival is celebrating its 10th year of outstanding burlesque in Hawaii!


Are you a burlesque or cabaret performer, chair dancer, pole performer, hula hooper, clown, dry land mermaid, comedian, singer, animal trainer, snake handler, b-boy, break dancer, drag king or queen with a burlesque flavor, magician, acrobat, contortionist, hand balancer, juggler or the purveyor of an entertaining or arcane talent? APPLY TO THE HAWAII BURLESQUE FESTIVAL TODAY!


We’re looking for the best of the best in Hawaii burlesque, cabaret & varietè. If you’ve got what it takes please take a moment to fill out our HBF 2024 application. Performer applications close on August 25th, 2024. 


Our 10th year promises to be very special, and we’d like to highlight our Hawaii Burlesque Community this year with a very special themed show.  HBF 2024 will NOT be accepting applications from interested parties residing outside of Hawaii. This HBF 2024 application is open only to Hawaii residents. Mahalo! 


The Hawaii Burlesque Festival (HBF) is back and better than ever! Join the fun as we celebrate our 10th year of serving up sexy, hilarious and thought provoking burlesque & cabaret performances in the Aloha State. 


The Hawaii Burlesque Festival will present two very special shows, featuring a dazzling assortment of captivating performers from across the Hawaiian Islands on October 11th and 12th, 2024 at the Honolulu Museum of Art’s Doris Duke Theater. The Hawaii Burlesque Festival seeks to showcase the incredible talent, creativity and endurance of Hawaii’s established and emerging local burlesque, cabaret & varietè performers.






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