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A life-long performer, MissFortune, brings her own unique brand of theatrical burlesque to the Hawaii's burlesque scene. Hailing from Honolulu,  MissFortune is equal parts circus and sideshow, high-brow and low, dark and light.


Throughout her tenure she has performed widely – entertaining audiences from theatre mainstages  and museums, to street carnivals and practically every bar in town; from San Francisco’s infamous Kinky Salon, and El Rio, to the Vegas based Zero Point festival, as well as local events such as Oahu Fringe Festival and Improvaganza, and the Chicago based Porn and Chicken. She has performed with visiting performers as varied as the fiery gothic Blackburner, and the legendary ska band, Fishbone, as well as with Grammy nominated Steph Music and local favorites, the Hell Caminos.

With Cherry Blossom Cabaret she has also directed 3 of their full-length theatrical shows, including their sold out sensation, Carnal Carnival. From her signature Madd Hatter, Mr Cellophane, or her Dia de Los Muertos pieces, to her Grinder or whip numbers, or those co-staring a puppet, MissFortune's influences, either as a director, or performer, are as varied as the knickers in her boudoir.


Holding a degree in theatre, she has been trained in a wide range of performance styles, from physical theatre to butoh, from Shakespeare to Jingju, which she boldly melds to create something new.


Interested in the transformative quality of performance, she lives to find and tell the story, and invites her audience, both here and on the mainland, to fall down that rabbit hole with her.

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